Guest Speaker Marvin Ball

By Group 10: Chai or Die

Jamie Friedlander: @JWFriedlander14
Raul Gutierrez: @raulxroberto
Meghana Deodhar: @meghanameow
Marcus Storm: @MarcusStorm8

On Tuesday April 16th, 2013, Marvin Ball, a corporate executive and former professor at the University of Oregon came to speak to our class. He brought a lot of real-world knowledge as well as some bits of advice that were slightly out of the ordinary. His presentation wasn’t flashy, extremely entertaining, or funny, but it was extremely informative and he provided the class with a lot of advice that reaffirms what we’ve learned in school, as well as some new ideas that we could think about.

One of Marvin’s statements that caught the attention of the class on Twitter was “every employee is in marketing and sales.” While he is certainly not the first person to come up with this idea, it is always important to remember because it shows how crucial marketing is to the success and prosperity of a business. This idea had people Tweeting the following:
• @dsmith13uo: #mktg420 every employee represents the company and sells it on a daily basis
• @tanasha48: every employee is in marketing and sales #mktg420
• @ye_holly: #mktg420 make sure your employee care the company, everyone is in marketing and sales.

Another idea that Marvin had that seemed to go against some of the things we learn in school was “the single most valuable tool for success in marketing is trust.” This is an interesting idea since we seem to be taught that we need to know the products we’re selling and how they work in order to be successful, but Marvin argued that that is all irrelevant if your customers don’t trust you. That idea sparked the second most Twitter posts for the day, and some of them are as follows:
• @meghanameow: you have to sell with trust, not just sell the features of the product #mktg420
• @champion_eric: the thing that works better than anything in marketing is #trust #mktg420
• @beckygo1: Communication eloquence is not most important or effective, #trust is #mktg420
• @mattgoetz: #mktg420 most important element of marketing is trust

However, the one idea that Marvin presented us with that sparked the most discussion on Twitter was “your marketing objective is helping other people meet their goals.” We are always taught that our marketing objectives need to be in line with the core values of the company’s strategic plans in order to be successful. I don’t think Marvin would disagree with that notion, but he did point out that all the selling skills and knowledge of the product will be effectively irrelevant if you don’t help people meet their goals. This created the only real conversation on Twitter that came from one of our questions. The conversation looked like this:
• @JWFriedlander14: #mktg420 what do you think about the idea that your marketing objective is geared towards meeting buyers objectives?
• @MuchelleHuo: @JWFriedlander14 I recalled my very limited experience in sales and it seems this does make sense.
• @mattnott02: @JWFriedlander14 Just like in Joe Dirt, “It’s not about what you like, it’s about the consumer.” Great advice.
• @JaredVorvick: @JWFriedlander14 Simply put, it has to. Look at what just happened to JC Penny’s. #mktg420
• @dsmith13uo: @JWFriedlander14 completely-life is one big negotiation; make it win win

By the end of the day, the class had done a great job of participating on Twitter, and Marvin Ball provided the class with a very informative lecture that presented us with ideas that both reaffirm and challenge what we are learning in school. He was a great guest speaker and we all learned a lot from him, but I think Marcus Storm summed it all up with this Tweet:

@MarcusStorm8: This guy is far from an I.D.I.O.T! #mktg420

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