Catching the Communication Cold


This week our class studied the “promotional landscape” in which marketers currently find themselves in. With freshly acquired knowledge of marketing’s past, we found the restructuring, recreating, and readjusting nature of the industry to appear even more distant from where it was before. Groups presented on the different promotional eras, which were defined mainly by events in the societal environment. As I’m sure we all remember from BA 453 and the like, the PESTEL framework did a good job in explaining why the business environment was suddenly changing. It stands for:
– Political
– Economic
– Technological
– Environmental
– Legal

With these factors in mind the eras of advertising, and shifting consumer attitudes made sense. What I liked the most was bringing it back to the present and seeing the dramatic leap we have taken from awkward, over exaggerated, legally-ambiguous, and even ironic TV advertisements of eras past. The good thing about marketing now is, those same awkward, over exaggerated, legally-ambiguous, and ironic advertisements now are now easily accessed on social media platforms such as:
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Tumblr
– Myspace
– Blogs
– Vlogs
– Podcasts
And we could go on.

Online brand promotion is a no-brainer for companies looking to increase brand awareness. As evidenced even in class, the promotional power of branded entertainment has a lot to do with the “contagiousness” of its content, or social media offerings. When it comes to viral marketing success, weirder tends to be better. The popularity of the Old Spice ad likely drew on certain principles that make an advertising campaign a success rather than a flop.

In conclusion, the beauty of advertising today is that it has adapted to the information age its core audience has grown up in. Consumer control, interactivity, and empowerment have restructured the industry in such a way that marketers no longer push the media, its consumers do. It’s a great time to be in marketing.

I found this video on YouTube, make sure to check it out!

– Ana Ibanez

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One thought on “Catching the Communication Cold

  1. All this makes me wonder what websites will be able to access about us in the near future. Everything we need will be within the click of a button that we ever need.

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