Good Ads vs Bad Ads


The textbook this week had us diving into the complex world of advertising. Marketers in today’s world have a HUGE assortment of resources at their disposal. They can find out almost anything about you, simply based on your Google searches. Before class, we posted articles that addressed the question of what advertising can do for brand. For example, which can promote positive images and which ones negative? Also, how does the public feel about new “market research” practices? How far is too far?

ibanezav summed it up when she tweeted:

“Don’t throw others under the bus when you’re trying to promote your brand. Be classy.”

And Valentine408 got us thinking when he tweeted this article from Fortune:

“It’s crazy how far big companies will go in using their data to make decisions about their customers.”

In class, we started talking about marketing and advertising. We presented our group proposals and got to have a chat about “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” There was no shortage of love for him! This is what it had people saying:

SandyEngle: “Interesting to see how much of an impact one commercial can make on the sales of a brand.”

m_Roberts2009: “The man you’re man could smell like campaign boosted @OldSpice twitter following by 2700%. That’s ridiculous! #mktg420 #doingitright”

mattgoetz: “my favorite commercial ever!!! #theticketsarenowdiamonds”

So that got me thinking, if this is one of the most successful advertising campaigns, then what’s one of the worst? This one from Luv’s is definitely up there!

Remember, ads that have shock value are not always memorable in a good way! As we move forward in our marketing plan projects, I think this is an important lesson. A company’s image is a fragile one and one misstep can spread all over the internet in a matter of hours. Not every campaign can be “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”.

One thought on “Good Ads vs Bad Ads

  1. Have you ever looked at some of the banned commercials from companies that were banned in the us but allowed in place like the uk? We have very strict rules on advertising the crosses the line and is inappropriate

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