Experiential Marketing by Justin May

Experiential marketing is leading the way in recent advertising. Companies all over the world are creating value-based campaigns around their products or services using experiential marketing techniques. Experiential marketing involves immersing individuals into the experience of, surrounding, or in relation to a company’s product.

Why experiential marketing? Companies spend countless amounts of money designing marketing through commercials, ads, and sponsored events. Redirecting campaigns toward what the Internet has to offer, has been a stronger and a much more effective way of spending for product marketing. Use of viral marketing, when done right, can pay off greatly for the company.

To get people talking about your product, spreading and sharing it across social media creates buzz and brand interest across all demographics. Experiential marketing is one tool used to really create interest and buzz. It can be used to carry the culture of a brand into the daily routine of consumers.

Below is an example of TNT’s experiential marketing campaign around their statement: We Know Drama. By creating a drama-filled experience for passersby, TNT created an interesting campaign utilizing drama to the extreme. And if one video wasn’t enough, the second is even more drama filled.

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  1. This is great! Can’t believe I never saw these ads. Very creative and gets the point across in a very effective way.

  2. I had never heard of experiential marketing (or maybe didn’t realize there was a name for it) before seeing your blog post, so not only was it informative but you picked some great examples!

  3. Very cool add but what if somebody actually thought this was a real shooting and pulled out a real gun? Just a thought

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