Perrier’s Secret Place: Interactive Marketing


By Becky Goin

Perrier, the maker of the well-known sparkling mineral water, created an interactive and entertaining marketing campaign called “Perrier’s Secret Place”, to celebrate their 150 year anniversary. The campaign combined social media with digital promotion to bring the ultimate top secret party to life. It is a digital clue based game that you can only play if you are “invited to the party”.  Perrier sent select participants a box with a dry cleaning ticket stub which included the access code, a custom stamp, and a black card of instructions. Other access codes were given to their fans on Facebook and their Twitter followers, and so the fun begins…

After entering your access code, you become character number one (yourself) walking across a street and into a small dry cleaning store. Keep in mind, the camera angle is always from the eyes of the character you are playing. As you enter the dry cleaners, you give the lady behind the counter a ticket stub turning your hand to passively show her the special stamp on your wrist. She opens the space at the end of the counter and you walk passed all the bags of clothes to the back door. There you are greeted by the eccentric and somewhat dramatic host clad in a red wine velvet suit, who explains how to participate in the soiree.

Perriers Secret Place Campaign: An Exclusively Delightful Digital Experience Guerrilla Marketing Photo

His instructions include:

-Be anyone you want and experience the party through their eyes (up to 60 different characters), simply click on their face to change roles

-There are 5 hidden clues through out the game

-Each trip through the party is only 90 seconds long, although you can rewind and fast forward a bit

-Object: have fun, find all 5 clues in order to find the golden woman (to get entered to win tickets to one of the craziest parties in the world)

**Disclaimer: this is a game intended for mature audiences**

I was intrigued and decided to continue to play.  Although I only found three of the five clues and did not discover the golden woman, I did enjoy the entertainment. I think it is an interesting twist on promotional advertising that brings a little fun to the participants and increased brand awareness through the word of mouth/social media buzz this campaign created. This campaign was just released on April 2, 2013, so you can try it for yourself by going to and entering access code: PE659. Go ahead; the dominatrix dares you to…

“How many lives will you live?”

Becky Goin


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