Twitter Conversation 4-23

Group 6

Eric Koelling: @champion_eric

Joseph Aborah: @jorah1

Matt Nottingham: @mattnott02

Kellie Stewart: @kellbell_90

On the morning of April 23, we had guest speaker Anne Marie Levis (@AnneMarieLevis), of Funk/Levis Associates, visit our class. Ms. Levis is currently the President and Creative Director at Funk/ Levis and plays a very pivotal and active role within the Eugene community. In our Marketing 420 class she shared some of her experiences within the marketing and brand design field and provided the class the opportunity to brainstorm how we would handle a marketing / PR issue for a client that her own team at Funk/Levis has been working on.

Some of the most valuable quotes from Anne Marie Levis, via Twitter hashtag #MKTG420, were:

“Managing people is tougher than managing clients or tasks.”

“It’s not what you push to people, it’s how people talk about you.”

“Branding is all about emotion.”

“Marketing is all about how you communicate.”

The class was very active on Twitter during the presentation and responded numerous times to the questions we were posing as Ms. Levis was speaking, and posting quotes and questions of their own. Some of our questions with the most responses regarding the case study were about the 5 questions we would ask potential clients and some of the solutions that we would recommend for the issue at hand. Overall Ms. Levis gave us some great insight into marketing, branding, and working with clients, and provided a great platform for our Twitter conversation.

Prior to the visit from Ms. Levis, we were presented with a few ads in class that sparked some lively tweets. Our most popular Twitter interaction from the day was when we asked which of the three commercials shown (OldSpice, Kmart, and KFC) were their favorite. The following screenshot provides a look at the conversation:


Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 7.26.19 PM


Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 7.26.50 PM

There were a few hiccups along the way. For instance, in preparation for our twitter conversation management, we all posted articles that had something to do with direct marketing. We hashtagged these articles with “#mktg420” so the class could find them and read them. The problem was that our tweets were only viewable by our followers. This resulted in no interaction from the class on those articles we posted. Once we realized in class that we still weren’t seeing responses from the class on our tweets we asked the class to follow us on twitter which solved the problem. From then on we were able to stimulate great interaction in class about the quest speaker and the three commercials.

At the very end of class we received a tweet from @christi57674936 saying “just have to say between both my mktg classes you stay on top of your twitter chat #MKTG420”. We believe that said a lot about our efforts to stay on top of the Twitter chat with the class as much as possible. From this experience, we learned that open ended questions yielded the highest response rates. This is most likely because our classmates were able to freely express their opinions. This lesson can be useful in the future when trying to stimulate any sort of group discussion. Thank you to Anne Marie Levis for speaking to our class, and thank you to our classmates and teacher for helping us with this experience.


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