Marketing With Social Media



By: Christina Brock

Direct marketing is an effective way of getting new customers, but as we notice social media is becoming a big part of marketing, and there is a lot of thing that businesses and corporations need to think about when marketing on social media.

Here is a quick video on what to do/not to do when your business is taking advantage of social media marketing:

The use of Facebook and Twitter and other social media can be a great way to reach many new and existing customers, by showing of new products or services, give incentives like coupons and discounts or even free giveaways if you like, share tweet about their products. If the marketing is really successful it can go viral, which creates buzz, and consumers are tweeting and shearing which will reach many consumers all over the world within minutes.

Going viral can also be bad for a company. Here is an example from Progressive, where a woman, whom was insured by Progressive, was killed in a car accident. Progressive took the defendants side in the court when her family sued the other driver and her brother wrote a blog stating “My sister paid Progressive insurance to defend her killer in court”. His blog went viral, and many customers threatened with dropping the insurance. This reflects badly on the company, even though they did not want to pay the $100,000 in coverage, because it was her own fault. The damages that resulted from this case could potentially end up costing the company more than what they would have paid the family from all the bad publicity if the company.

To have the right person managing the social media of the company is crucial. How many times have we seen big companies make big mistakes? Simple spelling errors make the company seem uneducated, and even worse when the social media person forget to log of the company’s account, and think they are posting from their personal account. Celebrities to must pay close attention to what the tweet; Alfac’s voice actor, comedian Gilbert Gottfried got fired from Alflac after he tweeted on breaking up with his girlfriend, making connections with the tsunami and earthquake in Japan “..But like the Japanese say, ‘There’ll be another one floating by any minute now’.”

For companies to be involved with their social media and interact with the consumers shows that a company cares. The famous car manufacture, Volkswagen wished its fans happy New Year at a Facebook updates, also asking what the company could do to improve. Over a 1000 comments came in without VW replying to a single one of them. They should not ask questions they don’t want to comment on. Big mistake for the company, a short video about this is under.




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