The Effect of Direct Marketing


By: Mingjue Li    @MingjueLi

It is obvious that companies like using direct marketing to make advertising, because it is convenient, especially is due to that the fast improvement of technology. A common approach we know is database marketing, by which computer database technologies are applied to design, create, and manage customer data containing information about customers’ characteristics and history of interactions with the company. With the database of customers or potential customers, the advertisers can create ads and send to them for promoting a product or service. For instance, recently I bought a PS Vita and register an account in PSN, it makes me easy to preview the new game released, and I feel there is communication with the game developers.

In addition, such marketing approach is commonly used in social media. And the effect of this approach in social media is prominent, within this video, it will show how Google AdWords attract people’s attention, and what the process works to raise the awareness:

However, the problem that database marketing raised is junk mail or spam. We have to admit that junk mail and spam are used crazily before starting to use the Internet. As the technology developing in rapid speed, database marketing is abused for sending junk, computer virus and pornography, and it caused that a proportion of people hate to open or even open group sent e-mail, although some people are still willing to check the mails. Additionally, there was negative news posted about junk mail from USPS, which is related to direct marketing:

As most people feel, including me, direct marketing is useful, convenient and low-cost. The succeed of direct marketing nowadays is really depending on the number of mail advertisers send, they think that there always will be amount of people attracted by their deal and pay money. However, these advertisers don’t realize that it actually is wasting both material resource and virtual resource.


One thought on “The Effect of Direct Marketing

  1. I really like this post! Don’t you think social media advertising will take over as the biggest form of advertising within the next 5 years?

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