Time to get Loco for Food

By: Duy Nguyen



On Tuesday’s class Jessyca presented us with an article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek about how fast food chains and restaurants have been creating variety of extreme food offering at their establishment. This got me thinking about how successful the sale promotion of these products actually are. The first and most prominent “extreme food” offering we have seen is Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco. In the first 10 weeks, the taco has sold over 100 million tacos becoming the company’s largest and most successful product since their release of the Crunchwrap Supreme. As a consumer we see the taco is a good price because we receive a flavored version of the original taco at an incremental price increase. As the producer of the product, they are able to get older inventory of meat and vegetables off their shelves by adding a small cost of purchasing new taco shells. The introduction of this new product produced increase store traffic and also brought in a revenue increase of 6% in the first quarter.

But of course we all know this isn’t as extreme as other fast food restaurants. A product I think back on is the “Double-down” by KFC. It consisted of two fried chicken breast as the bun with cheese in between. This product was offered back in 2008 with some success. A company’s spokesperson said the new item sold 10 million doubledown were sold in the first month. Not surprising at all if you take the statistic presented in the Bloomberg article that 34% of young men eat fast food several time a week and 23% of young women do to.

As I did more research on “extreme food” in the fast food industry I found many have been attempting to reach this new market of extreme food enthusiast. Although I feel everything here is not actually extreme here. Companies do business abroad have come up with offerings that are more relatable to that country’s culture. Here are some pictures that push the envelope of extreme:

flaming mega mac


One thought on “Time to get Loco for Food

  1. Something about the crazy food drives people to try things. I can say I’ve tried a few of these.

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