Good vs Bad Packaging

By Eric Koelling (@champion_eric)

Everyday all around us, we are seeing different products in our lives.  Many products have packaging used as a container.  “Packaging can make a strong positive contribution to the promotional effort (243).”  Many times packaging is done so the consumer can actually see the actual product or food they are purchasing.


FreshSandwich iPod Packaging NewTostitos

I think the fresh sandwich packaging is very effective. If the entire sandwich is covered so you can’t actually see it, you can’t tell whether it’s fresh or not, like the packaging claims. To literally see the texture and freshness and the ingredients in the sandwich can make the consumer even more willing to purchase the sandwich.

The Apple iPod packaging is simple yet very effective.  The packaging is white, like all of Apple’s products.  The front is clear so you can actually see what you’re buying.  If there’s a scratch or some defect you would immediately notice. They also position the products so the consumer is able to see the device’s interface.

The Tostitos packaging is a perfect example of horrible packaging. When someone wants to have some of the company’s chips along with some of their salsa, they want to just scoop up some salsa.  This packaging design makes it difficult or impossible to just stick a chip in and out of. Most men’s hands would get stuck with their hands in the container.




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