Group 11 Twitter Conversation Swell Path

Mark Fania
Chien Hung Lin
Marshall Gustafson
Nicky Wang

Yesterday we welcomed Adam Ware, CEO of @Swellpath to our class and he discussed sales promotions and the analytical side of social media marketing. Adam talk a lot about his company and the path he took to got there which was not a direct easy path. However he is very happy now doing what he is doing with Swellpath and hopes to keep doubling the company size each year. Adam told us all about digital marketing and the crazy stuff that computers and the internet are able to do which makes digital marketing so easy and successful. Especially Google analytics, it is basically “changing the world.” Adam even said that digital marketing is evolving so rapidly we could see the death to print ads. During Adam’s talk we were holding a twitter chat and trying to get people to engage in questions with us on the topics Adam was speaking of. We didn’t have much success but here are a few of the response we got.

Google controls 76% of search engine optimization (SEO). What search engine do you all use? #MKTG420 @wheresitworking

@Clin3Lin :
@Markafania @wheresitworking Yahoo!

MarshallGus :
#mktg420 How much value do you think is added to your business if your a top 5 search for over 100 key phrases???
‏@dsmith13uo :
@MarshallGus #mktg420 invaluable-curious if there are studies of growth after making it there #googleit
@dsmith13uo I also like how it takes more then just paying a bunch of money to get into the top 5 of google search results.

There was lots of discussion about how Google dominates the web and why it is so important for people to come up in the top 5 searches when certain key words or phrases are entered.  Adam made it know that when we are on Facebook there will be ads specific to each of us that we may not even realize, or if we do it could be freaky because the ads will be about something we just Googled. Digital marketing is getting so advanced that sometimes we don’t even realize its happening. Thanks to Adam Ware for giving us the insight.

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