Rose Bowl Game Presented By VIZIO


By Jingyuyan Huo @MichelleHuo 

Starting from 2011, VIZIO has been the presenting sponsor for Rose Bowl Game. Signed the deal to attach its name on the largest football event, VIZIO obtains brand exposure with the season-long college ball game. Last year VIZIO launched their new tablet at the beginning of the season and marketed it via rose bowl attached commercials, VIZIO Fancam and other multi-media integration plans.

The commercial titled ” 2013 VIZIO ROse Bowl Game Chairman’s Message” advertise the tablet with integration of images from Rose Bowl Game.

VIZIO Rose Bowl Fancam is a website showing visual simulation of the Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO where views changes as fans move themselves in the busy stadium and also share the view to other social media sites.

Through the sponsorship, VIZIO also obtained the right to title one of the five Rose Bowl Games as being presented by VIZIO, like the picture showed below. Along with the deal, VIZIO secures itself as one of the sponsors of Rose Bowl’s 100 anniversary partners. Starting from 2011 to 2014, VIZIO will be the only HD sponsor for Rose Bowl.


The financial terms are not disclosed at the present, but the sponsorship certainly covers the renovation cost of  Rose Bowl stadium located in Pasadena, outside of Los Angeles. VIZIO has not make any announcement about the effect of this integrated marking plan but they are very confident that this is a great chance to connect with football fans. They recognized that their customers greatly overlap with fans of Rose Bowl.

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