Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is refers “to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales via e-commerce as well as sales leads from Web sites or emails.”

How often do you using internet everyday?

Today, we live in an era of advance technology that most of people can’t apart with the “Internet”. I feel so much deeper about how important and affective of internet could influenced human and society as the rapid growth and improved technology everyday.

Last week, we have a speaker from the CEO of SwellPath Inc, Adam Ware to sharing with us his experience and story in his career. Adam discussed sales promotions and the analytical side of social media marketing a lot about his company and the path he took to got there. I feel so much deeper and believe that how crucial and affective of internet could be.

So I recently found few really interested videos about internet marketing that it’s just simple and concise that the core idea could easily embed into audience’s mind and catch their attention.

Advertiser v.s Customer.!

Ryan Higa – Most annoying people on internet.

These two videos all deliver simple and easy to understand idea that deeply reflect some of truthfulness in the real world. When I saw these video, I feel hilarious, when I’m finished, I can’t forgot the content of video even if i want and I would like to visit again if the author have post any new advertisement.

As the matter of fact, the key point of internet marketing is the ability to get audience back to visit their website consistently. Once you have done so, you are at the track of success in internet marketing.


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