Product Placement

Product Placement
Mark Fania

The smallest difference sometimes tends to make the biggest difference. We all go about our daily activities each day, most of the time only taking in a small percentage of what we see. Sometimes, we notice the small things and those are the things we remember most. This is what companies and ad agencies hope for. Especially when using product placement. Companies pay great amounts of money to feature their products in movies, games, sports, and other big events. The biggest and most successful for of product occurs with product placement within sports. People my think that football sponsor may be the most effective sponsorship, but actually NASCAR is the most successful and most popular product placement sponsorship. Sports aren’t the biggest and best however, movies are a huge part of product placement. Evene the small things we may not notice such as type of phone, or computer play a big part in sponsorship and companies spend great amounts of money to have their products featured. Some bigger product placement styles such as car or shoes can be imbedded into the movie and cause a large difference and a great success for the company.

Here is a link to the top 10 product placements of our generation.

A newer and extremely popular place for product placement is in videogames. As stated in our book, “ 100 million U.S. households have some type of gaming system which allows product placement for palyers typically 18-34.” With these gaming consoles people are also allowed to watch tv shows and movies and as I discussed earlier those are two of the best places to exploit for product placement.

Product placement dates way back, but can be argued that it began in 1982 in the motion picture E.T. Reece’s, as some of you recall was used by the young boy to attract the alien. This product placement created a great demand for Reece’s and other companies took note and began to compete for product placement space.

Product placement is everywhere, whether we notice or not is what makes the difference behind good and bad product placement. Either way the advertising agency is becoming more and more competitive and the best product placing strategies are those likely to prosper.

Here is a short video on the history of product placement

Transformers is the # 1 product placement movie

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