The Strategy of Sale Promotion in McDonald

Yanyi Zhu


Last Saturday, our twitter group picks up McDonald which relate with the sale promotion topic. The data shows in April 2012, Monopoly Millions from McDonald get the top one sale promotion and it gets 48.83% of unique views which 43.96% over than Budweiser. The customers can win cash prize every minute from 11am on 21st March until 1st May 2012. The denominations are 1162 x £200, 4980 x £50, 11952 x £20 and 41666 x £10.

The basic core of the promotion is “the board game. Namely you purchase one of the qualifying products, you receive 1 or more game pieces with stickers attached, one of these will definitely be a Play Online sticker and the other(s) will be a Property Set, Instant Win or Win Game sticker.”

The promotion refresh my mind of a game from EA Company called “Monopoly Streets” which present in 2010. Here is a CG(Computer Graphics) from the game:

We can find these are something similar between the game “Monopoly Streets” and “Monopoly Million” from McDonald such as logo.

mcdonald game

(Logo “Monopoly Millions” vs “Monopoly Streets”)

In fact, the game “Monopoly Streets” from EA didn’t sales very well during the year 2010. By compare with McDonald, What the elements made the “Monopoly Million” more successful than “Monopoly Streets”? The high and easy win prize is one of the factors in the sale promotion, but I am thinking McDonald made a wonderful strategy by promote the significant of the old man in their advertising. The old man in Monopoly is popular in globalization, and McDonald follows this point and makes a success in the sale promotion.

In conclusion, the strategy of sale promotion is very important sometimes, follow it you will receive success.


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