Twitter Conversation Recap 5-9 (Thursday)

With guest Speakers Billy Vinton and Kyle Banuelos from Stublisher

@KyleBanuelos, @Stublisher

On Thursday May 9th, our class began talking about a few ads and defining their target market. The Timex slogan “Takes a lickin’, and keeps on tickin’” got good response on Twitter. As well as the stereotyping we did as a class. @mattgoetz tweeted, “hooray for stereotyping #mktg420”.

We also discovered rate cards and the quality information they can provide. Many students seemed to be interested in this, and saw the value this will bring to our projects. @meghanameow tweeted, “Just learned about rate cards… I had no idea this info would be so accessible #mktg420”. 

The next interactive exercise that the class focused on involved two articles with questions.  One of the articles was the topic of tweets. Paul Newman’s brand, Newman’s Own, seemed to peak the interests of the class. @champion_eric commented “Never knew Newman’s Own donated all profits of charity”, and @JWFreidlander14 said “Who knew how many products Newman’s Own had??? Crazy.” Overall, the class was very surprised and interested in how charitable this company is.

Then we were given the opportunity to listen to two of the three guys that started the company Stublisher, Billy Vinton and Kyle Banuelos. They discussed their background and their journeys that got them where they are today.  As a class we could easily relate to them because they were not much older than us. One of their co-founders is just graduating from high school! Yes, I said high school! As our world has become such a social media friendly planet, there are many opportunities to expand. Billy, Kyle, and the team at Stublisher have created a product that connects people through shared experiences. We also got to give to give feedback on their new product that is still in the development stage that is a digital way to journal with photographs.

Becky Goin @beckygo1

Cole Papazian @papazap12

Cam Patrick @cam_patrick

Jack Pennington

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