Product Placement

Atsuo Nakashita


Product Placement is one of advertising techniques. It promotes products through appearances in film, television programs, video games, novels, and magazines. Product placement is very effective to visibly attract viewers’ attentions and increase brand awareness. Also, it will be able to create instant recognition of the product or the brand if it goes well. However, it is not always effective because if a bad guy uses a particular product, viewers may hold bad images toward the product.

To take an good example of product placement, James Bond is a one of the famous series movies produced by Eon Production. James Bond is originally a British novel written by Ian Lancaster Fleming. Eon Production have produced 23 films since the first film was made in 1962. In the films, Bond uses various spy tools, cars, credit card, etc. These products are attractively promoted as Bond uses, especially some products used to overcome crisis situations.

Here is a movie


Many famous brands appear in James Bond movies, for example Omega, Rolex, Sony, Nokia, BMW, Aston Martin, Ford, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Bollinger, Persol, Brioni and Tom Ford. Among of these brands, Bond drives the sales of Omega watches. Bond used to wear Rolex watch, but Rolex had become too common. The costume designer decided to use Omega watch instead of Rolex. “Goldeneye” in 1995 was the first movie that Bond wore Omega watch, and since then, Omega became his main watch.

According to the president of Omega Stephen Urquhar, the sales of Omega looks “like a stock market chart. It goes up and peaks during the promotion of a Bond film and comes down afterward. The films have had a very marked influence on sales.” In addition, Omega released a limited edition 007 seamaster model at the same time of running new James Bond movie “Skyfall” in 2012. Stephen expects the watch generate $32 million in sales.


James Bond also increased the sales of BMW. In “Tomorrow Never Dies,” Bond drove the BMW 7 series. Sales of the car increased in the year of running the movie. Following these examples, product placement is one of the effective promotions.


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