Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment

Qian Ye


Branded Entertainment is a way for companies to make connection with consumers other than product placement. Different than product placement, branded entertainment has a much border structure idea than product placement. According to PropStart, branded entertainment is “more specifically refers to programming developed at the preliminary show concept stage either by a brand or by a production in very tight liaison with a brand. Designed to promote brand values its primary funding is the brand which is a difference from network or studio-funded content” (How Branded Entertainment and Product Placement works – an Introduction to the Fundamentals*). The main idea of branded entertainment is to product a serious of entertainment for viewers, with the company or company’s products as the core topic.



A good example would be BMW film serious “The Hire”. It is a serious of eight short videos, which about 10 minutes for each, show on Internet during 2001 to 2002. These stories are having the main character drive BMW car to complete intense missions, and the BMW car performances in the movie are the highlights. Some serious also put humor as one of the important element to make the distant with audiences closer. Eight videos show eight different cars, which as eight different sides of BMW. The core ideas of course, giving image to audiences that BMW cars are fast, safe, fancy all those good words.

The Hire – Ambush



Another good example would be Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Every girl who cares a little bit about fashion would definitely heard about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It is like a party for fashion industry, and not only the audiences, but also the models and designers would be excited for this show once a year. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show started from 2001, it was show on ABC then CBC with high level of viewership rate.


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