McDonalds Sponsorship and Advertising (Sales Promotion and Product Placement)

Edwin Tsang


McDonald’s advertising has used various advertising techniques to get more customers buying their products. Even though we all know how bad fast food is for our bodies. McDonald is selling their products from a different point of view.  As we were going over the chapters of Sales Promotion, the following two videos represent humor, and some of the traits of sales promotions.

McDonald is the main sponsor for many sporting events. By doing so the giant fast food leader is going to create a healthier image in public’s mind. For example McDonald is a well-known sponsor for London Olympics 2012, FIFA World Cup 2002 in Japan and Korea, FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa or the annual Basketball McDonald All American Game.

In the previous named events, the participants are all top of their class in athletics. In Olympics, the World Cup and Basketball are all main stream sports, getting much publicity and attention. Furthermore McDonald is closely associated with athletes. Having these tight bonds and representations, change the perception in its consumers’ mind. The chances are rare that their sponsored pro athletes consume McDonald’s product often. It is likely that they are under a strict diet and eating at McDonald is undoubtedly a treat for them. However by sponsoring these top athletes and sporting events, McDonald has given themselves a different image, a positive one. It also shows that their products can be fit into athletes live. McDonald is getting a piece of it since athletes’ live are generally associated with fitness, strength and health.


No doubt that it is a smart and successful sponsorship and advertising strategies of McDonald. We see success of it and other fast food companies are to follow McDonald’s path. Taco bell is part of a sponsor in the NBA, Burger King sponsors Ronaldinho and soccer clubs.

One thought on “McDonalds Sponsorship and Advertising (Sales Promotion and Product Placement)

  1. Is it right for McDonald’s to sponsor stuff like the Olympics? Isn’t fast food the opposite of athletics and physical health?

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