Corporate Advertising: Target and Anheuser Busch

By Kellie Stewart


Our book defines corporate advertising as “advertising that is designed to establish a favorable attitude toward a company as a whole, rather than to promote the benefits of a specific brand”. Some of the objectives of corporate advertising include building the image of the firm among customers, shareholders, the financial community, and the general public, boosting employee moral or attracting new employees, and communicating an organization’s view on social, political or environmental issues (277-278).

My interest in this topic began in class the day we watched the clip from the Ellen Show, which featured Target as sponsor for the students at a school in Las Vegas. Target donated school supplies, backpacks, books and various other items, as well as a check for the principal to continue the assistance program she had started. One of the questions that came up in class was whether Target really cared about the well being of the children, or if they had just used the Ellen show to reach potential customers. After searching the Target website, I found that Target committed in 2010 to donating $1 billion to education by the end of the 2015 fiscal year. And they are right on track. A quote on the Target website states, “Every time we open our doors, we continue a commitment that has been growing since 1946: a brighter future for our team members, our communities, and the world we live in.” Target has also committed to efforts that support the environment, health and well-being, volunteering, and responsible sourcing to name a few. In my opinion, this proves that Target is committed to more than a five-minute clip on Ellen to gain market share; they have been committed to the community and will continue that trend for years to come. The following clip illustrates why Target invests in schools and education particularly.

Because I grew up near the Anheuser Busch headquarters, I was interested in seeing what causes they were committed to. After searching on the website I found that AB is committed to campaigns that support designated drivers, providing water in times of disaster relief by converting beer lines to water lines, and finally honoring our soldiers as only AB can. Most recently AB has partnered with a foundation called Folds of Honor that supports the families of fallen and disabled soldiers. The following is a clip illustrating the efforts of the Folds of Honor campaign that AB has committed up to $1.5 million for this summer alone.

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