Quack Quack! (P&G Corporate Advertising)

Matt Nottingham



Today’s markets are flooded with products that all seem to provide a similar utilitarian value. Take dishwashing soap for instance. At any given store there are numerous brands of soap that, more or less, all effectively clean dishes.

This reality has drawn advertisers to compete at a higher lever: Corporate Advertising.

Procter and Gamble does a fabulous job of corporate advertising via their Dawn dishwashing soap. In the Dawn ad campaign, P&G uses image advertising to create a favorable image associated with their brand. They do this by promising to donate $1 per bottle of Dawn to one of two wildlife organizations. This is an example of cause-related marketing. In this case P&G is making an effort to be associated with an important societal cause. Emotional impact is also used in their Dawn advertisements as displayed in this commercial:

Procter and Gamble has found a very innovative way to use this campaign to increase sales, help their corporate image and help save wildlife in the process. The campaign promised to donate up to $500,000 between The International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center, split evenly. This campaign also has a presence in social media. The “Dawn Everyday Wildlife Champions” Facebook page has more than 497 thousand likes. They also use twitter to post images of the marine life and birds that Dawn soaps are saving. This helps to keep the public informed by showing where the donations are going.

This ad campaign stands out to me because it seems like a win-win-win situation. Animal lovers are offered hedonic value because they feel like they are helping a good cause, P&G sells more Dawn soap and birds and marine animals are saved. Also, the timing of this ad couldn’t have been better, as it launched its annual campaign just days before the BP oil spill in 2010. This brought more attention than ever to the brand and its efforts. Overall I believe that this campaign was a slam dunk for P&G.

One thought on “Quack Quack! (P&G Corporate Advertising)

  1. P&G is in my mind the most dominant company out there. They can sell just about anything with great effectiveness.

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