GAP’s RED Campaign (Corporate Advertising)

Sandy Engle
GAP and Product RED

According to our book corporate advertising is designed to establish a favorable attitude toward a company as a whole, rather than to promote the benefits of a specific brand (277). This is exactly what the clothing retailer, GAP is doing by partnering with Product RED. The campaign is aimed at creating awareness and purchases that will benefit Product RED’s mission of eliminating HIV/AIDS in Africa.

As part of the partnership, half of all profits that come from the GAP’s Product RED collection will go to the global funds to finance AIDS programs in Africa. GAP’s affiliation Product RED and its cause can be defined more specifically as cause-related marketing.

In this commercial GAP and Product RED are using the popularity of celebrities to influence consumer attitudes towards helping those with AIDS. Each celebrity compares the cost of keeping a person with AIDS alive ($0.40), with cheap almost negligible items. It gives the viewer a feeling that we are more than able to help save a life, by donating such a small amount of money. The message motivates consumers to go to GAP and buy a RED shirt purely because of their commitment to a good cause. Towards the end, the screen pauses on text that says “Project Lazarus” and a link which gives the viewer incentive to lean more about the campaign.

I think this campaign was effective and created a positive reaction in GAP shoppers. It also brought in new customers through advertising the cause itself.

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