Twitter Conversation from Group #9

Zhongming Sun @zhongming_sun
Qian Ye @ye_holly
Yiwen Yu @yu_yiwen
Jing Chen @jingc2013

On Tuesday May 14th, Steven Asbury (@stevenasbury) came to visit our class and talk about his experiences about Asbury Design Company. Steven Asbury is a graphic designer, an Instructor in the Journalism school, and the owner of Asbury Design. During his presentation, Steven Asbury showed us a lot of great designs. Asbury Design work with a lot of local brands and companies, and make a lot of great advertisings and posters to them, such as Hilton Eugene, BMW Eugene, Forever 10. They also make great websites and interiors design, and we can find all of these in their website. Steven Asbury also gave us a lot of good tips during his presentation. For example, “nothing is easy, just how hard you try to get success.”, and “It is better to study communication than Art if you want to work on advertising in the future.” I totally agree with those tips, and I think all of our class enjoyed his speech.

In order to share more information about Steven Asbury with our class, our group began our twitter conversation one night before Steven Asbury coming. Here are some contents covered on the twitter conversation. Jessyca made a great interacting with our group in that night’s twitter conversation.

@ye_holly: #mktg420 so happy that Steven Asbury from Asbury Design will be coming to speak to us tomorrow! @JessycaLewis @stevenasbury
@JessycaLewis: @ye_holly @stevenasbury So glad you are excited!
@yu_yiwen: @ye_holly @JessycaLewis @stevenasbury awesome! graphic design is what I want to learn! looking forward to his speech tmr!
@JessycaLewis: @yu_yiwen @ye_holly @stevenasbury Yay!
@yu_yiwen: @JessycaLewis @ye_holly @stevenasbury I truly hope I can have some art skills and then I can create some amazing design! Haha~
@JessycaLewis: @yu_yiwen @ye_holly @stevenasbury You can take a graphic class at LCC in Indesign. They will teach you.
@zhongming_sun: @ye_holly @jessycalewis @stevenasbury I went to the website, and I think those design examples are the best I have ever seen.
@ye_holly: #mktg420 very clear contact info. and designed works on their website
Asbury Design
e-mail: steven@
@ye_holly: #Mktg420 @stevenasbury I like the look! @JessycaLewis
@zhongming_sun: @JessycaLewis @stevenasbury we can see Steven shows his great design everywhere, even in his syllabus. #mktg420
@JessycaLewis: @zhongming_sun Sounds like you are doing the Twitter chat tonight?
@zhongming_sun: @JessycaLewis yes, so our classmates can know more about Steven Asbury before he come tomorrow.

During the presentation time, the class also did a good job of tweeting along with Steven Asbury’s discussion. Here is some contents in the conversation.

@zhongming_sun: It’s nice to see the speaker to show and explain his great designs face to face. @JessycaLewis #mktg420
@yu_yiwen: @zhongming_sun @JessycaLewis totally ture!! Enjoy his speech!
@Thetappp: so many familiar logo in town. Leave me a huge impression from those logo before! Nice. @JessycaLewis #mktg420
@thomasjonny: Awesome to hear from @stevenasbury of Asbury Design in #mktg420 today. Check out their work:
@tanasha48: Would love to work for @stevenasbury one day! #greatwork #greatpersonality #greatadagency #mktg420
@ye_holly: #mktg420 nothing is easy, just how hard you try to get success @stevenasbury wonderful tip
@beckygo1: Loving the creative behind the ads shown in class by @stevenasbury #mktg420
@yu_yiwen: babies are so cute!! #MKTG420 @JessycaLewis @stevenasbury
@ibanezav: You’re right @stevenasbury, designers never rest: my roommate and I were notorious for moving our furniture around at 2 a.m. #mktg420
@mattnott02: @stevenasbury Thank you for sharing your work with us. Loved seeing the different ad designs. #mktg420
@meghanameow: asbury is all about luxury! #mktg420 @stevenasbury

Finally, Steven Asbury answered a lot of questions for our class, and I can see people are interested in it. Overall, the great speaker made the class awesome.

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