Twitter Conversation Group #5

Mallorey Hutton @mallorey_lynne

Matt Roberts @m_roberts2009

Dan Smith @dsmith13uo

Matt Goetz @mattgoetz

Jason Glaspey came in and talked to us from @PiePDX. Jason gave us a background of his life and start as an entrepreneur. Jason started us out with an interesting question, “What value do you find in Twitter?”. The answers to this question showed the power of social media and the shift in business from a more traditional business and marketing to more tech based firms. Responses to this question ranged from, “I don’t see any value” to “I get news, follow products and my sports teams on Twitter”. Glaspey gave an honest view about startups and his experiences in the business world. Also, he had an interesting view of the timing of start up and profits. He said that your business should be profitable of day one and take no longer than a month to set up.

For the remainder of class we watched a portion of “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. This is a documentary made by Morgan Spurlock analyzing mass advertising and consumer culture. So far, we have seen how much companies care about their brands. To enter into a movie with Morgan Spurlock, a controversial documentarist, could reflect poorly on one’s brand. However, once he found one major sponsor in POM Wonderful juice, he was able to find others to jump on board. This film has been an interesting look on how advertising agreements actually come to fruition.

Here is the class twitter transcript with some interesting reactions to the speaker and documentary:

@MattGoetz- “I agree with the Internet. I like bacon #mktg420”

@yu_yiwen- “really enjoy in using Twitter and chat with others! It’s much more interesting than what I thought before #MKTG420 @JessycaLewis”

@Mallorey_Lynne- “If the Internet likes something, then it tends to get big”….very true!!!

@jasonglaspey #mktg420”

@JWFriedlander14 “@Mallorey_Lynne Great way to get news and see people’s reactions to important events. #mktg420”

@BeckyGo1- “”You don’t have to be really smart to do some really cool stuff” @jasonglaspey #mktg420”

@ibanezav- “Profit should come from your projects on day 1: a good S.M.A.R.T goal if I’ve ever heard one! Making it attainable. @jasonglaspey #mktg420”

@dsmith13uo- “Wonder if these brand managers did this brand analysis for @MorganSpurlock for free or as payment for the movie to sell themselves #mktg420”

@mallorey_lynne “Top Ten Product Placement Movies” … #mktg420


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