Asian corporate advertising

By Haotian Liu


In this week’s study, we understand what is Advertising. In our text book the definition of Corporate Adverting is “designed to establish a favorable attitude toward a company as a whole, rather than to promote the benefits of a specific brand.”  Therefore, as the corporate advertising, it often purpose to build the trustworthiness and reputation for the entire company. In the market, the best company usually establish the outstanding company image to attract consumer and to affect their attitudes. Also, the Corporate Advertising will be separated by three types: Image Advertising, Advocacy Advertising, Cause-Related Marketing. In fact, the mainly Corporate Advertising behavior usually focus on image advertising that improving the image of a company among important constituents.

The following example is the HTC 2012 year-end corporate image advertising. HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets headquartered, in the 2011 Best Global Brands rankings released by Interbrand, HTC is the number 98 and valued it at $3.6 billion, in third quarter 2011 HTC Corporation became the largest smartphone vendor in the U.S. with 24 percent market share, ahead of Samsung’s 21 percent, Apple Inc.’s 20 percent and BlackBerry’s 9 percent. I like this ad campaign they made, because it could transmit the positive power to us. In this campaign, all the actors are the employees who came from HTC, each of them in the campaign was hold the poster that with a sentence on it, all the sentences will compose the slogan for the campaign. When I read the slogan, it could give a sense is inspiring and hopeful, one of the “sentence is how to do when faced with the difficulty” and then their answer is “if there’s difficulty, just confront it”. I think the slogan represent the history and future of HTC as well. As a Asian technology corporation, they compete with several huge companies in this industry, such as Samsung and Apple, but they never give up when they met the difficulty, and they are successful right now. That could be the meaningful spirit for everyone. Therefore, I think they will build the excellent for themselves by this campaign in the future.




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