International Social Media Tools

Jing Chen
Twitter: jingc2013

Due to this class is all about social media and then I think if we can talk about some international social media tools, it will be more fun. My blog’s topic is about Chinese social media tools.

I guess some of you already heard something like fake facebook-renren, fake twitter-weibo, fake youtube-youku in China. I will explain each of them a little  bit in following content.

Facebook vs. Renren

Renren almost has all of the same function as Facebook but it more appeal to Chinese consumers. You can also find some differences between them. For example, you can see the visitors who came to viewed your website in recent. Now most college students have their own renren account. Renren came to the market around 2008, it is the year I went to my first University in Shanghai, China. It became popular very qucikly! I found so many my old schoolmates because of it.; also made new friends through it. However, it was not very popular among middle age people the reason is those age scale people do not really know how to use computer every well.

The link of renren:

In addition, I also heard Japan actually also has their own “fake facebook” . which called “Mixi”, it is also an real life social network. However, I don’t have an account so I do not know much of  it. When I studied in Japan, my friend recommended me to open an Mixi account. It requires a Japanese phone number to verify the account reality but I do not have a Japanese cell phone so I  could not apply one.

The link of Mixi:


I guess you can customize your own Mixi website.

Back to the topic of Chinese social media, we have Weibo instead of Twitter. Weibo develops so fast, it has a very strong trend that the number of people who uses weibo will over Twitter.

Weibo vs. Twitter

The link of Weibo:

Weibo was launched almost after I came to U.S. so I actually don’t use Weibo a lot but all my friends in China, they are crazy about it. In addition, Weibo explores more social problems than before and several government officers got fired because those big discussions at Weibo. It increases the social events exposures.

Then, we have Youku instead of  Youtube. You can find so many movies, TV shows at Youku. Due to the law about copyright was not perfect, most of them are free. No matter how Chinese economy booms, China is still a developing country. I never thought the differences before I came to America but  now I totally found the difference. It is not about the living standard it is more about the way how people think about things.
Youku vs. Youtube

Actually except Youku, China still has some other main video websites, which are similar to Youtube such as

Those social medias are playing a very big role in China not only about business but also about political issues.
As a Chinese citizen, I always have a question, if they don’t allow China has Facebook, Twitter and Youtube then why they still allow some major internet company to launch those fake social media tools, which are exactly same to those western social media tools. It is not about talking freedom because if you know Chinese you can see all of these users are talking about social issues or government officers via their own accounts. For those sensitive words, people usually write in another way to express the original words, for example, “harmony” is a sensitive words, in the internet if people want to type “harmony” in Chinese it will be blocked then people will type “river crab”, which has the same pronunciation as “Harmony” in Chinese.

There is a Tedtalk that answered my question very well!

In conclusion, Social media is not only about business it also affected government.

Chinese social media future.

Now there is a very popular Chinese App, which is called “Wechat” , it is similar to talkbox, Kakaotalk (Korea), Line(Japan), “Wechat” had contract with Faceboook, you can find this app via Iphone App stores and Facebook. In addition, there are so many people in India, Malaysia , Indonesia,began to use this app frequently.


China now is in the process of building himself so many social problems are happening currently such as air pollution, water pollution, poverty. Actually all developed countries had this period before. As what I learn in my history class, after World War II, Japan also had same condition, air pollution water pollution, black market and so on. I really love my country and see lots of hope from it!


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