Sales promotions across different countries

Joseph Aborah

Sales promotions across different countries

Sales promotion is one of the seven aspects of the promotional mix. Sales promotion could be seen as a way for companies to entice customers to buy their product or use their services. A lot of times they would give out coupons, discounts, freebies, contest etc. to have customers choose their products instead of the competitors.

Being an international student one of the first things I do when I see something is compare it to how something of  similar kind would be back home. I do this with everything even promotions. In the United States you see promotions almost everywhere. This is the same thing in the Netherlands (my home country). Just like with the United States you see promotions everywhere and besides the language it is almost the same.  Here I have an example of two stores: Bestbuy and Mediamarkt.

Although the stores are in different countries they sell the same kind of products (mostly electronics). As you look at their website you notice right away they offer free shipping (“geen verzendkosten” in Dutch). By doing this they are trying to have customers buy products right away instead of going into the store.

Another thing you notice is how both stores advertise their cards. If a customer applies for their card they are able to get even more deals and by doing this both stores are trying to gain brand loyalty. If you go through both websites you will notice that there are many more similarities. At the end of the day the goal of both companies is to get customers to buy their product instead of that of the competitors, which is what promotions is all about. These examples show that although countries might have different cultures there are always possibilities for similarities.


One thought on “Sales promotions across different countries

  1. This reminds me of how fast food restaurants like McDonald’s have to change their menus and marketing to specific market demands and how those vary across different cultures. It must take a lot of trust and decentralization of decision making authority in order for these companies to conduct beneficial market research and adjust accordingly. I think a lot of companies operate off the assumption that a successful marketing campaign in a home country will work the same in a foreign one and run into a lot of trouble doing that.

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