Twitter Conversation Group #8

Sandy Engle @sandyengle

Mingjue Li @Mingjueli

Christina Brock @christi57674936

Michelle Huo @MichelleHuo

This past Thursday we watched the last half of the movie “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” by Morgan Spurlock. It sparked conversations in class on whether or not advertising is becoming too much a part of our everyday lives. Some of our classmates sent tweets of acceptance of this type of advertising in our country; that it is just part of how we do things in the US. It’s all about selling and branding your product, as one of our classmates tweeted, “You can pretty much sell anything! If you can brand it, you can sell it”.  Others seemed a bit more skeptical about such in your face advertising. Watching the movie, you couldn’t help but have a negative feeling towards some ads; there were just too many of them, even in places that seemed inappropriate such as in school. As one of our classmates put it “Shameless promotion at its finest”.

We also had our guest speaker, Brent MaCcluer come in later during the class. He talked to us about his experiences working his way up as a salesman. He owns an advertising firm called AHM brands and has been working with companies in the Eugene area. He gave us great tips as college students on how to get our foot in the door and start thinking about our future. Several students in our class re-tweeted his comment, to be okay with starting from the bottom and working your way up. He also gave great advice such as:

-The importance of internships

-Getting employers to pay attention to you by asking them to review your work instead of sending in a resume

-ALWAYS send a Thank You letter to your interviewer

-Either know where you want to live OR what you want to do

-Have a lot of skills, not just one

-Don’t spend too much time on your resume

Here are some comments from the twitter chat:

@emilyfromoregon: You can pretty much sell anything! If you can brand it, you can sell it. #MKTG420 #thegreatestmovieeversold @MorganSpurlock

@JLP_III: “Cultural decay rate of ideas” much faster now apparently. According to this movie. In #mktg420 class. @robbiezig nobody

@SandyEngle: Are celebrities selling out when they do commercials? Valuing $$ vs. personal principles #mktg420

@christi57674936: Personal Selling vs. Direct Marketing … #mktg420

@MingjueLi: … Preview of personal selling #MKTG420

@yu_yiwen: think about “where you want to live” and “what you wanna do” #Mktg420 @JessycaLewis @brentmac2

@m_Robers2009: Start at the bottom and work your way up. Great life advice! #mktg420



One thought on “Twitter Conversation Group #8

  1. Morgan Spurlock is really good at getting people to tell him stuff on camera while he openly makes a movie that demonizes the person getting interviewed in some way. I think that he is very honest in his dealings and is able to maintain a high level of respect for his work because of it. He also seems very dedicated to his work which made this movie work.

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