Viral Marketing and SKYFALL





Cole Papazian





In 2012, the new James Bond movie SKYFALL was released in late October. Besides traditional media efforts to increase awareness of the new flick they decided to go viral. In this video Coke teamed up with the James Bond franchise to challenge unsuspecting travelers to unlock the 007 in themselves. If they could complete the challenge then they would win exclusive tickets to the new movie. This event took place overseas at the Antwerp Central station in central Belgium.


The video did more than help a few contestants win a few tickets to the movie.  Once this clip was first embedded on it jumped to 1,471,718 views. It is now has over 10,200,000 views on youtube and still growing.  This viral marketing plan was a great start to marketing on the web for the movie. This clip was also successful because the marketer had an interesting idea, valuable brand features and accessibility to this advertisement.


The only problem with this ad is that SKYFALL is only one movie and this ad will only be so popular for so long. What Coke and the James Bond franchise needs to do is turn this “Buzz” into brand loyalty and an increase in sales. I believe the two of them have planned this out and can avoid this problem. I don’t believe Coke is the main focus in this ad because consumers are going to keep buying Coke regardless if this ad was ever aired. The James Bond franchise is going to keep producing these blockbuster and for them to keep up with their demographics and where to market they should not have a problem.


Once this hit the movies SKYFALL earned $1.1 billion worldwide and is now the highest grossing film world-wide for Sony Pictures and the second highest grossing film in 2012.



One thought on “Viral Marketing and SKYFALL

  1. I’m surprised that Heineken would allow the James Bond film to work with Coke as well. I remember that Heineken ran a ton of commercials promoting their beer in the movie and don’t remember seeing this ad. I wonder if the two companies do not mind both being showcased by Bond because they do not compete against each other in the market. It seems to me like it would be a conflict. Does 007 drink Coke or does he chill with a cold Heineken after a long day of stopping bad guys??

    Jack Pennington

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