How to be Successful With Social Media- Zach Swan


Social Media is essential for businesses to interact with customers through comments, likes, shares, and tweets. Just like any other marketing plan, social media is a tool and in order to be used effectively it must be implemented tactfully. Here are some simple tips to make social media a successful marketing platform.

It’s Not Magic

Social media is not magic, nor is it a project that can go untouched. Creating a Facebook page and leaving it won’t make business boom the next day. Social media must be worked on every day to maximize communication. Most companies have teams of social media professionals to monitor their activity daily. Interaction with customers is the main idea behind social media, so make sure to post pictures, Vines, and Instagrams daily in order to spark some attention.

No Comment Left Behind

No matter how insulting the comment may be towards your business, negative comments must be addressed. It is important to establish a strong customer service appearance on social media so customers will return despite their bad experience.

Even a positive comment should receive a reply. These comments don’t need to be long just a simple “Glad you had a great experience with us!” does the trick.

Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogs are important because they give the customers the reviews they crave, which could solidify a sale. Pick a theme that matches your company’s product and blog about the latest trends, activities or anything related. For example, Coca-Cola has a successful blog because they use current ‘conversations’ as they call it to connect current news to their product. They used national donut day as an opportunity to make a campaign about Coca-Cola and donuts.

Different Platforms, Different Tools

The last tip is to remember that the different social media sites, need to be treated differently. For example, Twitter can have more posts than Facebook. Also, LinkedIn should be used in a professional manner to the other sites.

Oreo, is an example of a successful Facebook campaign because they create catchy photos and slogans to draw in customers.

Social Media is a cheap, easy way to help promote your business. If used correctly, your business is sure to become more successful.

-Zach Swan


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