Mobile Marketing

Why the shift to Mobile Marketing is being made.

As the shift is being made from traditional marketing to the Internet, another shift is already beginning to take place. Marketers are now beginning to focus on mobile marketing. As defined in the book. mobile marketing is: “communicating with target markets through mobile devices. Already there are more than 100 million mobile Internet subscribers, and spending on mobile advertising is approaching $1 billion per year.” Mobile marketing is not only appealing to the large companies, but small business is also benefitting from this as well. It is much cheaper than using traditional marketing and it can target a more specific market. How are they doing this? They are using the zip code from the our mobile devices to market companies in the surrounding area of that current zip code.

Does this really seem like a method of marketing that people will be ok with? Does this cross the line at all as far as privacy is concerned? Studies show that companies are continually spending more and more money on mobile marketing, and apps are being created in order to make this type of marketing more accessible to the consumers; consumers are actually opting in to be marketed too! This type of marketing and advertising is currently being used in the same sort of way via Facebook. On sites such as Nordstroms, if you order a dress or were just browsing through their selection, they will begin putting their advertisements on your Facebook page. If your friend clicks on that ad on your page, they will start getting those ads as well. This type of advertising is now being taken to a whole new level with mobile marketing. It’s now based solely off of your location. I don’t know about you, but if a company can now use my location based of my cell phone to start advertising to me, I will not be buying products from that company any longer.

Cheyenne Miller


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