Twitter Conversation Management – 7/10/13

By: @jenessa_dewitt, @Zach_G_Swan, @Justin Sorensen, @RileyG_UO, @gp25bball

On Wednesday, April 10th, our group hosted the class’ first twitter chat, coinciding with our chapter presentation.  We cordinated both our twitter chat and our presentation so they would have similar topics, making it easier to follow along on twitter while still listening to what we had to say in our presentation.  Our group did a presentation over Ch. 7, “The International Market Environment for Brand Promotion”. A commonality our group noticed when examining businesses that partake in international marketing were their inability to do so correctly.  We came up with the idea of #adfail.  We wanted to spark discussions of different advertising failures that our classmates have heard of, remembered, or seen. The night before and the morning of we sent out a few tweets to let the class know what our twitter chat would be about.

Hey #MKTG420 !! Tomorrow our twitter chat is about different advertising blunders that occur when marketing internationally! #adfail -@jenessa_dewitt … #adfail #MKTG420 check out these international marketing mistakes!! -@jenessa_dewitt

Mktg to diff countries in diff languages cause many problems w/translating correctly #adfail #MKTG420  check this link … -@jenessa_dewitt

@JessycaLewis #MKTG420 hope everyone is ready for our twitter chat today #AdFails -@Zach_G_Swan

#TwitterConversation today in #MKTG420.  Talking about #AdFails, let us know what you think! ! … -@RileyG_UO

We did not get as many responses as we hoped, but for the small class we have, we did have some involvement.  We noticed that a few of the tweets didn’t talk about advertising failures but instead said nice things about our presentation or made a comment about something we said in our presentation. We also had some responses to somethings that Leslie Koppenhafer talked about that correlated with advertising failures. This was encouraging, but also meant that we didn’t receive as much feedback on our twitter chat as we envisioned.  Something that worked well was when we would tweet at individual students in our class because the majority of the time it would start a conversation. 

Here are some of the tweets we received, both related and unrelated to our twitter chat:

@JsnChambers @Kelsey Malvey @KrisKrupke What are your thoughts on all of these #Adfails?  How can they be prevented #MKTG420 -@Zach_G_Swan

@jenessa_dewitt I think the skank dangle would have been a major #adfail #mktg420 -@dallassmelley

You’d think companies would do more research before advertising in new countries… #mktg420 #adfail -@AndyFrey9

How could apple have done a better job advertising in England? (Rather than copying the ad directed towards the US) #mkg420 #adfail -@jenessa_dewitt

This article is hilarious, … #MKTG420 #Adfail -@RileyG_UO

@kylemaginnis What do you think of number 5? #AdFails #MKTG420 -@RileyG_UO

@RileyG_UO oh it was def a fail but if it had a brand name (I don’t remember if it did) I would have remembered it. #ifthatmakessense -@kylemaginnis … Consider all interpretations when creating ads #AdFail #MKTG420 -@Zach_G_Swan

@The_Real_Elliot Is this Dr. Pepper ad sexist?  #AdFail #MKTG420 … -@RileyG_UO

@tamive @RileyG_UO The ad campaign doesn’t really seem to make sense. I never thought of dr Pepper as manly #MKTG420 #adfail -@The_Real_Elliot

Was putting headless baby dolls on an album a good idea for the #Beatles?  #AdFail #MKTG420 -@RileyG_UO

How would you fix this? #MKTG420 #AdFail -@gp25bball

#mktg420 #adfail thanks for the candy #group3! I learned a lot.  Like our class’ inability to catch and throw ; ) -@dallassmelley

#mktg420 #adfail well done group 3. Like the use of videos and interactive games. -@KrisKrupke

Can you believe Malaysia prohibits blue jeans in advertisements! #AdFail #mktg420 -@KelseyMalvey

Some of the things that would have helped us get more response back during our Twitter chat would be to email the class the night before, along with tweeting directly at our classmates the night before.  We also realized that some of us were tweeting #Adfails and others #Adfail.  We just need to make sure that we are consistant and clear on what the hashtag would be to avoid confusion between our group and our class.  One thing our group should have done more of, to generate more responses would be to tweet directly at different classmates asking them questions instead of broadly asking the class as a whole.  We found that when we target different classmates directly, they are more likely to respond.

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