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We used our chapter presentation on direct marketing to drive conversations on Twitter. Our twitter conversation topics revolved around the class’s general feeling toward direct marketing, and their thoughts on the privacy aspect of direct marketing. These articles helped push the conversation that we had in-class.

Jiayi Song also posted a video from our presentation since we received a lot of feedback from people concerning the “Do Not Call List.” Here’s the tweet:

jiayi song ‏@JiayiSong 11 Jul

A Video Link: …#mktg420tr#group08


This video was also informative since many people are not aware of how to keep telemarketers from calling them. Incorporating the twitter convos with our group presentation gave us great responses. Throughout the presentation we asked the class to tweet based on the topics we discussed. For example, classmates tweeted their thoughts and experiences on telemarketing, At the end of the presentation we pulled up the twitter page and called on some classmates to further explain their responses. Twitter is a medium that only allows 140 characters, but we still received some great responses. Here are some examples:


Caller ID was the best invention ever. Deny all 800 numbers#directmarketing#mktg420TR


Got a call from a mktg firm with a “coupon offer” few weeks back. Very annoying, hung up both times#mktg420tr


I think direct marketing can be very intrusive…I’d rather not be asked if I’m happy with my shampoo in the middle of dinner#MKTG420TR


My most recent direct marketing experience was from Costco sending me a catalog informing me of their new and upcoming products#MKTG420TR


Honestly I would be pumped if Michael Scott was direct marketing to me.#MKTG420TR


Our most interesting discussion was with Ian Needham. Ian wrote the tweet about the “coupon offer” and went through the process with us. He noted that he stayed on the phone with the telemarketer for a while, but the process became more and more confusing, so he decided to hang up. This is an instance where the direct marketer had gained the attention of the potential consumer, but the process was set up in a way that created mistrust, and ultimately it led to no sale.


Many people have strong opinions concerning direct marketing. Our intention wasn’t to slam direct marketing either. The intention was to create an informative discussion on a topic that people have opinions about. Videos like the one Jiayi posted will help channel that anger away from telemarketers, and instead create a productive solution.

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