Group 5 – Twitter Chat Recap

On July 11, 2013, the company FOMO Sonar (@FOMOsonar) came to visit our Marketing 420 class and talked about the new phone app they created. Rick Sheinin, FOMO media creator, introduced the app to us as a scalable event solution. By downloading the app, you can be in the know about promotions or giveaways going on at booths at popular music festivals or sporting events around the US. By downloading the app, festival goers won’t have the “Fear Of Missing Out.” The analytics behind the app was relevant to material we’re learning in class because the information they generate from app users can be useful to sponsors and event management. It was inspiring to see young entrepreneurs make their vision a reality and enticing to students in the room because we are frequent attendee’s of these events and festivals.

By the end of the presentation, our group quickly realized that it was beneficial for FOMO Sonar to speak in our class. Whether they thought of it as a direct marketing strategy or just benefiting a marketing class, they noticeably got us talking about them on Twitter. This presentation coincided well with what we had presented to the class earlier in the day regarding the components of direct marketing. Their company gave us insight into the direction direct marketing is heading focusing on targeting people in specific places, in real time, with somewhat personal offers and advertisements through a phone application. From the tweets from the class, the majority of our classmates agreed that direct marketing was and should be headed in this direction. Also, students thought that this concept was an interesting niche for a company to target that allows companies to cut down on large scale, national marketing campaigns that can reach people who aren’t their intended target.

Here is a look at live tweets during and after their presentation:

Felt #FOMO for not having @FOMOSonar on my phone. Had to download it. Unreal app idea. #mktg420tr -@Real_CSmith

Now following @FOMOSonar so that I can “Be There” #mktg420tr -@Mike_Barclay

#mktg420tr guest speaker talk about that tracking customer’s information is interesting -@xulinsen

I would love to see @FOMOSonar at @uscevents’ Paradiso Festival next year! #mktg420tr -@UO_JenE

@FOMOSonar very interesting stuff you guys are doing with event planning. Interesting class presentation #MKTG420TR -@JDally4

How many students added @FOMOSonar since yesterday’s lecture? Group 5 wants to know! Great PR. #mktg420 #mktg420tr -@LindseyJoyA

Guest speakers are into event planning. Sounds challenging and fun #mktg420tr -@ReeseAJones

Fomo Sonar has a great vision and is heading in the right direction #fomosonar #mktg420TR -@TaylorBoustead

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