Telemarketing’s Difficulties


Name: Xiang Li (Diane)


Twitter: @dianelucky

LinkedIn:  Diane Li

Statistics show, 98% of 1.78 million responding to one on-line survey said telemarketing calls made them “angry”; Americans lose $40 billion a year to fraudulent telemarketers according to the National Fraud Information Center; The FBI estimates that there are 14,000 illegal sales operations bilking consumers in the United States every day. These numbers make majority of people nerves and not happy about telemarketing.

However, Telemarketing is a nearly $500 billion a year business!  It is a huge market, and in the short run, marketers will not give up this type of opportunity to get market shares. The problems of telemarketing still cannot ignored by consumers. People from all around the world is facing the same problem, fraud. In China, fraud by phone call is growing very fast recent years. My close friend’s parents has been fraud about $20,000 last summer. They received phone calls about they can buy a product called “EasyAccount” that is not belong to banks, but they will receive three times interests than bank and without risks. Since they will send money to their daughter who was studying in the US, they have to exchange RMB to Dollar with a very high transaction fee. At first, they were very caution, and put $500 into the account. The second month, they have received almost $30 more. They started to trust the company, and put more money into their account, everything went well, until they put $20,000 into the account. They reported to the police, and the company seems never existed and the number called them has been canceled. It was a very sad thing to them, and it is happening a lot.

The regulations and laws was changing very frequently about telemarketing in China, but the main point is that there are many good products telemarketers are promoting in the market, consumers have to learn to recognize them. Also, telemarketers need to find a way to make people think about them positively. Personally, I do not like telemarketing, because I am receiving 5-7 calls a day from a program, and its been 2 weeks. I really want them to stop, even I said I am not interested in your program. They called me even when I am in class.

From Oregon Consumer Protection website, I found “Protect yourself from telemarketing scams by always making sure the contract accurately reflects the goods, pricing, and terms for whatever you purchase.” They have a lot of information to consumers about how to avoid fraud, and it is useful but I still think it is not enough, because there are so many different types of telemarketing. There are still hopes for consumers to be smart and use telemarketing to get products what consumers want.



(Oregon Consumer Protection)

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