Brands -Pinky Gonzales

By:  Jenessa DeWitt


Today in our class, our guest speaker, Pinky Gonzales came and talked about brands.  He started with saying that a brand is made up of three components: identity, reputation, and expectation.  He defined our identity as who we are, and how it is us and we have the right to decide how we identify ourselves. Our reputation however, is beyond us.  It is what people think about us.  Expectations are what people assume we will do, or expect us to act like or be like.  When talking about reputation and expectations, celebrities and brands have a lot of pressure to do well or be the best.  A celebrity or company could do one small thing, and lose millions of sales of followers because people expected them to act in a different way.  Sometimes people are blind to negative things that occur, and enjoy the person or company so much that that celeb or company could do anything and that follower would still be by their side.  Below is an example of people like this.



Pinky Gonzales also discussed three different options in developing your brand.  One popular option is endorsements.  Endorsements say, “You like me.  I like this.  Like this if you like me.” Companies often endorse celebrities to use their products, which helps encourage others to use their product, as well as helps with brand recognition, and brand exposure.  The second option Pinky talked about was sponsorship.  A sponsorship says, “Brought to you by…”.  It is a company that says, “We like the things you like.  We are just like you. Like us.”  They are paying to be somewhere.  The last option discussed was licensing.  This is when a brand or celebrity says, “I am this product.”  Each of these options have their pros and cons, and overall, it is important to focus on using these options to promote and create a well-known, positive reputation and brand in line with consumer’s and follower’s expectations.


Thank you Pinky Gonzales for a great presentation!


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