Direct Marketing — Bulk Emails in Real Life


By Yu Chen


Bulk email is a kind of email marketing strategy, which is widespread among large and small companies. It is simply large amount of promotion emails sent to numbers of recipients. In order to increase the company’s brand awareness in the marketplace, bulk email is the most frequently used technique for many companies. Bulk emails on the one hand can benefit and promote the company to targeted consumers, but at the same time can also bring trouble to many people.


Because of its easy distribution of information and rapid reaching time, many companies use bulk email marketing strategy to increase standing in the market. Compared with traditional direct mail advertising, bulk email can help shorten sales cycle by reaching targeted consumers in only a few seconds. By having this rapid response, a marketing cycle can be completed within a few days. Except for the fast time of bulk email, it also reduces waste and has a high concentration on the target market. Email marketing can be targeted to potential consumers by sending emails to specific recipients. Compared with other media advertising promotes without positioning, the cost of advertising and marketing is greatly reduced.

However bulk emails also have many critical disadvantages. When mentioned “bulk”, many people may relate it to spam emails. One of the biggest disadvantages bulk emails have is the impression of being spam email it gives us. Most of the bulk promotion emails goes directly into junk box and some of them even can’t deliver to consumers because of the spam filter. Looking at the comments people made on bulk emails, a majority of consumers delete these types of promotion emails without open it. Bulk emails have the difficulty of getting delivered and getting consumers engaged. Here is a related video on bulk emails. What if bulk emails appear in our real life? And how are you going to deal with it? The video created real human being features to act as spam emails and depicted the trouble it brought to many people.


Although bulk emails is now widely used, it still have the problem of “promotes”. By looking at consumers’ responses on promotion emails, it’s easy to imagine the low response rate and the actual effect bulk emails have. In order for bulk email as well as email marketing to be success, it’s better for the companies to provide something valuable in the email, which can get consumers engage on the promotion and at the same time increase the company’s brand awareness.

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