It’s all about the experience- Direct Marketing

Lindsey Anderson

Twitter: @LindseyJoyA


With a focus on direct marketing this week, it got me thinking of direct marketing techniques that influence myself. I can admit that I’m a sucker for marketing techniques that unconsciously make me build a relationship with certain companies. It’s as simple as the daily sample section at Trader Joe’s that motivates me to shop there over other stores to see what new foods or wines they’re testing. It really makes me think, why don’t other stores do this more often? It’s all about the experience from a consumer standpoint.

Lately, marketing on Facebook really seals the deal to whether or not I’m going to try out a new place/company or go back to a place I’ve already been. I love to see pictures of events places have hosted, new products they’re promoting, or simply pictures of the location. It allows me visualize what I would experience if I went there- regardless of what they sell or if their products are even good. If I want to try a new place for happy hour or test a new local restaurant, I always check their Facebook first- and that’s where what I’ve learned this week in MKTG 420 comes into play. Take Deschutes Brewery, for example:


The photos above are what they have posted on Facebook lately. I love their beer, but these photo updates on a daily/weekly basis that pop up on my news feed is a constant reminder to check in on what’s going on at their brewery in Bend and Portland. It also makes their company seem both personable and lively while making me feel like I’m missing out..

I can’t say that telemarketing, e-mails, or direct mail work for me. To telemarketers, I always say I’m not interested and I always dispose of mail I get. But, I can clearly say I’m guilty of good Facebook marketing. Lately, I’ve loved how companies directly involve their customers on Facebook. Deschutes Brewery motivates their customers to post crafty pictures of their experience while consuming their product. Customers have submitted the following photos in hopes of being named “Fan photo of the month”:

1        2

How can this not make you want to sip on a Deschutes beer?

How can this not make you want to sip on a Deschutes beer?

Deschutes gets their customers involved with the incentive being “Fan photo of the month”, promotes their products without much effort on their part, and makes myself want to submit a photo or buy their product all at the same time. It also makes me want to buy a pack of their product before hitting the slopes or heading to the river.

If your on Facebook, you’ve probably realized that they aren’t the only company to reach out this way to consumers. Companies are constantly telling Facebook users to “Tell us what you think!” or posting that “the 1000’th ‘like’ gets a 50$ gift card.” This type of social media marketing makes the consumer feel good about buying from the company, involved by sharing experiences or giving feedback, and makes them feel apart of a culture or group. I’m curious to know whether or not this type of marketing works on others as much as it does to me. What do you all think? Does any other companies come to mind that unconsciously get’s you in the door to buy their product?

If you’d like to know more about Deschutes Brewery and be even more compelled to go to their brewery and see what the hypes all about, check out this video below. The history and perspectives from customers is also something to take to heart!



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