VS PINK’s conversation

Mengdi Li

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MandyLomas

LinkedIn: Mengdi Li(Lomas) http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=198620493&trk=hb_tab_pro_top

Victoria’s Secret is inspired by a love for lingerie, and the desire to bring beauty—and fantasy—into every woman’s wardrobe. We always remember how sexy the Victoria’s Secret show and that is one of their way to communication with both their existing consumers and their potential consumers. Nowadays, Victoria’s Secret, Pink, target on collage girls and they built great brand awareness all over the world by using online media. Picture 1

There are 22,655,782 likes on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook. Facebook is playing a big role in social media. You can find Organic and sponsor contention on their Facebook fan page, which provide a create opportunity for VS PINK and its sponsor to support each others. As VA PINK’s fans, people can share photos and videos to show their attitude about the life. This create a communication between fans and potential consumers. Fans can share their experiences with VS Pink and it is free advertising for the product to other consumers. Beside that, consumer can either find promotion online or find a promotion by mail, which we have been talks about in the class-Direct Marketing. if you sign up with VS, you will get VS magazine though mail. A research shows that their consumers think those magazine doesn’t bother them because VS always sent reward card to their consumers with the magazine. Who will reject a reward card especially girls! To attractive more audiences, VS have a lot of different topic. they even nominate to your school and design your school collection. For the bad effect of the social media, VA pink has their own monitors. Monitor will deleted weird post in 10 mins. it doesn’t mean you cannot post something bad options about VS. All those called CONVERSATION! Base on those conversation, VS doesn’t forget about E-commercial. Consumer can make purchase of VS and VS PINK online. VS focuses to build relationships through conversation in online. VS’s fans are all over the world and all content on Facebook is linked to American sites. Don’t forget to give your feedback!

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