Posted by Jiayi Song

Date: 19/07/2013

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This is an picture about Silhouette yogurt. From the package, we can see the brand name and logo. The package can also deliver a message about the brand and the information about this product.

Here is the definition about brand package. “In the simplest terms, packaging is the container or wrapping for a product. Although the brand package is not a “medium” in the classic sense, we are treating it as an element of support media because it catties important brand information and that information carries a message.”

Packaging has several strategic advantages to the brand manufacturer. First, “the package carries the brand name and logo and communicates the name and symbol to a consumer.” Second, “packaging helps create a perception of value for the product.”

Here is a video about how a brand identity connecting with customers:

In addition, “branding and packaging are two of the most important components of marketing. Branding is a term used to describe the name, description and design of a product. Branding differentiates a company’s product from their competition. Packing is a marketing tool used to reflect the brand. A company uses packaging to sell the product inside. The colors, fonts, descriptions and logo are designed to drive consumers to buy the product.”

Here is an article about branding and packaging:

Packaging can be the strongest tool for customers to know the product and customers might be attracted because of the perfect or attractive packaging. “Packing is designed to capture a customer’s attention and it can directly effect whether they buy the product or not. Innovation and creativity come into play when it comes to packaging. A well-marketed product is packaged in a way that compels the customer to pick it up and take a closer look, at which point product descriptions and graphics must be clear.”

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