Group 2 Twitter Conversation

Our twitter chat was all about looking at celebrities in advertising and which of them played their role the best. By using the hashtag #topsponsor we had students in the class compare the advertisements we tweeted and let us know which celebrities were the best in their advertising role. We started our twitter conversation the morning of our class with this tweet:

“Our twitter chat today will be about celebrities endorsing products and who best represented their company! #MKTG420 #topsponsor” – @AndyFrey9

To get the ball rolling, the first two celebrities we compared were Ryan Howard and Michael Phelps.

“Who was better? Ryan Howard … or Michael Phelps … #MKTG420 #topsponsor” – @AndyFrey9

Students in the class then made it very clear who they preferred.

@AndyFrey9 Ryan Howard! #topsponsor #gophillies” – @RileyG_UO

#mktg420 #topsponsor Ryan Howard for sureee.” – @KrisKrupke

These were not the only two celebrities we compared. Among the other celebrities were Jessica Alba and Jennifer Love Hewitt;

“Windows Phone 8  and T-mobile  Which one did you prefer? #topsponsor #mktg420” – @tamive

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady;

‘Who did it better? … or … #MKTG420 #TopSponsor” – @The_Real_Elliot

Beyonce, Pink, Britney Spears, Madonna, and Michael Jackson;  via @youtube … … WHICH ONE DID A BETTER JOB? #MKTG420 #TOPSPONSOR’ – @MahnavazRad

Maria Sharapova and Usain Bolt;

“Maria Sharapova … for canon camera or Usain Bolt … samsung camera? #MKTG420 #topsponsor” -@WhanwookKim

Unfortunately we did not get as many responses as we would have liked but we did learn a great deal from this conversation. We learned that in order to get more responses we need to tweet at people directly as opposed to addressing the class as a whole. If we tweet at people directly they will feel more like they are a part of a conversation as opposed to feeling like they are part of a lecture. Students are much more likely to respond to you in a conversation setting than in a setting where one speaker is addressing an entire group. We believe this twitter conversation is both a success and a great learning experience. It was a success because some people did reply and let us know which celebrities they liked. It was a learning experience because we now know that in order to get more responses we need to talk to people directly.

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