Marketing and Design

Elliott Gilliland (@the_real_elliot)

Marketing and Design


Today in class, our guest speaker was Richard Lennox an art, digital photography and design teacher at Lane Community College.  While at times his lecture seemed unorthodox, he was able to bring up a topic that I have never really thought a lot about, design and its connection to marketing.  During my time at the Lundquist College of Business I have analyzed, created and implemented many different marketing plans, but I have never thought about or considered the design process of the product I was selling.   His lecture made me realize the importance of this topic.

Before even connecting design to marketing, Richard was able to communicate the main principles of design that normally go unnoticed.  Design is all about spacing, size and positioning.  By placing a simple object at an angle relative to other objects, it triggers a response in our brain that something is wrong, it makes us nervous.  By changing the size of that object the strength and potency can be manipulated to create the desired feeling the artist wants to communicate. It does not take a world-class artist to create effective art, it only requires knowing the feeling the piece is trying to evoke.  Someone with a sound strategy as well as knowledge of the design process can create or help create very effect marketing tools.

This link is an excerpt from a book Richard mentioned in class call Picture This: How Pictures Work by Molly Bang. This excerpt does a great job of explaining spacing size and positioning.


Apple has mastered the art of design in their products as well as their marketing.  Every Apple ad has the principles of design at the forefront of its creation.  By doing this, Apple is able to create ads that convey the desired reaction they want from their target audience.  They are able to make their ads surprise us, even on the 4th generation of a product, but not only that they are able to improve their IMC plan through design.

By working together with their marketing, design and engineering departments Apple is able to create an ad campaign that is one cohesive unit.  From the design of the product to the marketing of that product, where it is positioned and its attributes, Apple is on the same page.  Their target market is pinpointed and reached in the most effective way possible through a combination of marketing and design.

This combination of marketing and design is what makes Apple so effective and a mastery of this concept is required in today’s marketplace.

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