SALES PROMOTION: Evolution or Extinction?

Andrew Harbick
SALES PROMOTION: Evolution or Extinction?


“Sales promotion has always been about changing consumer behavior, but the means of communication have changed dramatically.” – Clive Mishon (CEO of Mentoring Marketing and Investment)

It is evident that the traditional sales promotional tactics such as coupons, contests, price-off deals and sampling will continue to remain in a company’s back pocket for the time being, but are these described “unsophisticated” promotional activities becoming less and less important? These tactics are essential to drive short-term sales which in return create short-term revenue. But does the shift from mass-media advertising to sales promotion say something else about its future? According to the UK “Marketing Magazine,” author Neil Denny argues that sales promotion is in fact getting more intelligent. This increase in intelligence presents the question of whether sales promotion is evolving or in fact, should no longer be called “sales promotion.” Sales promotions are generally described as “untargeted and unsophisticated.” With the rise of technology and use of social media, direct marketers no longer have to shoot in the dark to reach targeted consumer, but “targeted activity” has take become the new norm. Sales Promotion efforts are becoming increasingly prevalent on social media platforms and these platforms allow for promotional consumer targeting This development has greatly influenced marketing companies across the globe, so much so that marketing companies such as DMA Direct Marketing Association, America’s premier marketing agency is considering changing its name to “Interactive Marketing Association.” The question that remains is whether sales promotion agencies will continue to become more intelligent and evolve to look more like direct marketing while becoming increasingly more consumer personalized, or will sales promotion agencies decline into non-existence.

FOMOSONOR: presented in class about their mobile/media solutions to utilize location-specific marketing and promotional activities.
“Content Delivery: Preload content for your attendees, such as the event program and schedule. Use incentives, such as unique content, promotions or contests, to drive traffic to specific booths or locations”

This application represents the future of sales promotion. THey are able to connect with all of these consumers personally. Can other sales promotions keep up? (Give your opinion and comment below!)FOMOSONOR

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