How to Reach Generation Z?

There are a lot of target segments that have potential for businesses. However, the most interested and popular target segment currently is the Generation Z. They are people who are born between 1992 and 2010. They have developed critical corporate skills including collaboration, curiosity, critical thinking, and problem solving. According to the article, “What You Can Look Forward to-and Learn From-Gen Z” by Paul Shread stated that 76% of Generation Z feel that their experiences with the online world will help them reach their goals. In other words, this is implying that they do a lot of things on the internet including learning, shopping, socializing and more. This also links to the fact that they are very modern and are very experienced in technologies. So how do marketers reach to the Generation Z segment? According to the article “3 Ways Companies Can Reach Generation Z”, illustrates that Generation Z can be reached through three ways by understanding them. The first important thing to note about Generation Z is that they are not brand loyal. This is because they get knowledge about products and services through online reviews by customers and learn about them or through their friends. Therefore, businesses using to build brand loyalty strategies will not work well in keeping and attracting them effectively. The second thing to note is that Generation Z are “extreme curators, sharing and panning everything from movies to books to clothes” and so on. Therefore, this implies that the way they shop are very different from others. Finally, the third thing to note is find the answer to the question of what does Generation Z care about? The answer is that they care about “finding and sharing the best stuff in the world” through online. This implies that Generation Z are discoveries of brands and products and they evaluate them and then share their results to others. Therefore, marketers should not control their selling of products to them, but to get them engage and encourage the products to them.


Overall, marketers have to focus on new marketing strategies to attract Generation Z. Traditional marketing does not work very effectively towards them. In order to attract them, businesses have to know what the Generation Z are thinking and their behaviors. 




This video summarizes the Generation Z through the Australia perspective. 




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