Twitter Conversation

Group 10:  By Xiang Li (Diane) @dianelucky ; Hai Liu (Kenny) @KennyLiu15 ; Zhiwen Sun @szw186 ; Michellehyland @michellehyland; Yunyao Jiang (Nancy) @nancyttfly

On Thursday July 25th, Lindsey Kate McCarthy (@lindseykate412) came to visit our Marketing 420 class (#MKTG420TH).  She spoke about her experiences working for the Eugene based ad agency Cawood and her path at becoming an account executive there.  Lindsey was very insightful on how a marketing plan is executed once it is created.  She shared her experiences working with Cawood and some of the projects she helped with, such as the WVCI Believe (#WVCI) project.  Lindsey provided a great insight to life after college by walking the class through her experience as an intern for Cawood while she was still a UO undergraduate.  Lindsey gave real life examples of what it takes to go from an internship to a career while transitioning from undergraduate to graduate.  The class was very engaged and interesting in her success story.  Some of the tweets the class had included:

Besides from being informative about life after college, Lindsey provided insight into the etiquette of social and mobile marketing.  She explained the difference between Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and how companies leverage Facebook and Twitter to engage with people.  The main points Lindsey covered were the differences between Facebook and Twitter advertising.  “Facebook is not a place to sell your products and services”, Lindsey said, instead it is a place to interact with people.  The recommended number of Facebook posts a company should post per a day is about 1-4.  While Twitter is a social media site that encourages any number of tweets per day by companies and has less restrictions than Facebook.  According to the Twitter posts that day, the classes favorite quote of the day was:

 “Marketers have only one goal – to persuade the audience to take action.”

Our group encouraged the class to learn more about sales promotion the day before class, here are the videos and articles we shared with the class:

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