Twitter Conversation

Group 1: Dallas Smelley, Kelsey Malvey, Kyle Maginnis, and Kris Krupke

On Wednesday, July 24, our group conducted a class twitter chat, along with our chapter presentation.  Our presentation was on chapter 10, “Direct Marketing”.  We decided to synchronize our chapter presentation and our twitter conversation since the material overlapped.  We believe that coordinating made it easier for students to stay engaged in the presentation, while still interacting on twitter.   

We decided to use the hashtag #thebestofinfomercials to spark the twitter discussion concerning the different aspects of infomercials that students have experienced, seen, or heard.   We started our twitter conversation the day before our class meeting.  Here are some of the posts from class. 

Great ad game in your presentation team 1! #mktg420 – @oliviadionne

#mktg420 We can see the important a design is in marketing. – @Hangmian

Good morning #mktg420 participate in our twitter chat #thebestofinfomercials I got it started by posting the top 5 infomercial fails below – @kylemaginnis;l

Join our twitter chat #thebestofinfomercials #mktg420 – @dallassmelley

What’s your favorite infomercial?,28804,2011470_2011194_2011130,00.html #thebestofinfomercials #mktg420 – @KelseyMalvey

How many of you have bought a product through an infomercial? #thebestofinformercials #mktg420– @kylemaginnis

“@kylemaginnis: How many of you have bought a product through infomercial? #thebestofinformercials” #mktg420 – @dallassmelley

#mktg420 who do you think the target market is for infomercials? #thebestofinfomercials – @dallassmelley

Who has bought a product through informercial? #thebestofinfomercials #mktg420 – @KelseyMalvey 

Check 10 of the worst infomercials #thebestofinfomercials – @KrisKrupke

Although we received some responses out of our very small class, we did not get as many as we were hoping for.  There are definitely some things that we should have done differently.  As a group, we all made sure to like and retweet team members’ tweets, but we should have tweeted at individual students, in order to start up a conversation.  We realized that when you specifically tweet a student, you are more likely to get a response.  Some of the responses we received were towards the information our guest speaker had discussed.  When noticing that some of the tweets did not talk specifically about infomercials, we were still pleased that students were interacting and tweeting. 

After lecture, we also realized that some of our group members were tweeting #thebestofinfomercials and others #bestofinfomercials. We should have been more consistent on what the hashtag was, in order to be clear and straightforward to class members.  To be more effective and receive more responses during lecture, we should also have emailed the class, along with tweeted directly to students the night before. 

Our group believes that our twitter conversation was a great learning experience and because of that, it was a success.  If we had the opportunity to do this again in a class, we now have the experience to execute more effectively.

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