Group 6 Twitter Conversation

Group 6: Sonja Shayegh (@sshayegh), Daniel Jenness (@DanJenness1992), Collin Smith (@Real_CSmith), Mengdi Li (@mandylomas)

On Tuesday July 30, a variety of topics were covered during class ranging from different types of sales promotions, event sponsorship, and packaging. Also, Craig Pintons (@UOPintons), Senior Associate AD/Marketing and Public Relations for UO, came and spoke to our class about the details of his job and the pivotal role that social media plays in it.

Seeing as we began the class with images of different types of sales promotions -premiums, on-package sampling, coupons, etc. – our group thought it would be interesting to take to twitter and see what people thought of these kinds of promotions and which ones they felt were the most effective. Also, we felt that this begged the question: do consumers sometimes take advantage of sales promotions? We raised this question on twitter as well to see where people stood on this topic, and found that it was retweeted by “Real Coupons.” With shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing and customers always trying to find the next best thing, retailers are finding that their efforts may be backfiring.

Furthermore, two presentations were given during class regarding event sponsorships and packaging. They both provided excellent insight into these industries offering information about what makes for a successful event sponsorship and showing examples of packaging designs that have been memorable throughout the years. During the sponsorship presentation, Danny quizzed the twitter audience with a question about NFL’s previous on-field apparel sponsor and quickly received a response. When it came to packaging, we offered articles and pages during the presentation so that people could take a look at some of the most interesting packaging designs. We also tweeted at Ziba Design in Portland, who are known for very innovative packaging designs, and were thrilled when we received a follow from them soon after.

Finally, the class came to a close with a great presentation from Craig Pintons about the Marketing and PR world at University of Oregon. The day prior Craig’s lecture, we thought it would be beneficial to tweet at him and see if there were any articles that he would like us to share via twitter beforehand. While we did not get a response from him, he acknowledged our tweet during class, and apologized for not sending a response due to his hectic schedule. As he discussed his job and offered advice, the four of us tweeted several quotes from his presentation that we thought would be important for people to remember and keep in mind when thinking about social media. Several of these tweets were favorite and retweeted, both by people in our class and others in the twitter atmosphere.

Overall, one of the most important quotes that we can take away from the day came from Craig Pintons: “Free publicity is the best kind of publicity.”

Our group encouraged the class to look at various articles, pages, and videos about the relevant topics of the day, raising questions and offering our own opinions on the matters. Here is a look at what we shared with the class:

Free publicity is the best kind of publicity ‪#mktg420tr ‪#twitterchat6

A lot of ‪@Etsy sellers ship there products with great packaging – definitely makes me inclined to buy from them again ‪#packaging ‪#mktg420tr

‪@zibapdx and ‪@zibamunich have some incredible packaging designs ‪#packaging ‪#mktg420tr ‪#twitterchat6

check out some of these amazing packaging designs ‪#MKTG420TR ‪#twitterchat6 ‪  can you think of other stand out ones?

‪@redbull has some amazing commercials! takes event sponsorship to the next level ‪#MKTG420TR ‪#twitterchat6 ‪ 

Do people abuse certain sales promotions, or are they just shopping smart? ‪#extremecouponing ‪#MKTG420tr ‪#twitterchat6

whats your favorite type of sales promotion? ‪#MKTG420TR gotta love those coupons ‪#twitterchat6

Can anyone name the NFL’s on-field apparel sponsor before Nike took over in 2012?  ‪#mktg420tr ‪#twitterchat6

What are some event sponsorship examples you have seen during UO sporting events? ‪#teamchat6 ‪#mktg420tr

Safeway has made the coupon a more personalized experience. ‪ … ‪#teamchat6 ‪#mktg420tr

Can anyone name Redbull’s first branded entertainment? ‪#mktg420tr ‪#twitterchat6

You can measure event sponsorship on potential twitter mentions during the event or if its trending world wide. ‪#group1 ‪#mktg420tr

what is you favorite packaging? ‪#mktg420tr

‪#mktg420tr why do you think we are ‪#YFTFT? Tag ‪#twitter6 and let me know what you think

Specifically to Craig Pintons:

‪@UOPintens excited for you to come into ‪#MKTG420TR tomorrow. My group, ‪#group6, is twitter chat for tmrw. Any articles you want us to share?

“If athletics is the front porch of the university, then social media is the front lawn” ‪@UOPintens ‪#MKTG420TR ‪#twitterchat6

‪@UOPintens my cousin goes to Alabama and his second favorite teams is the Ducks ‪#rollducks ‪#mktg420tr

Here are some of the highlighted tweets from other groups or other twitter users during the class:

@Real_CSmith Can I contribute? 1. Uniforms 2. Style of play 3. Speed 4. DAT. 5. We aren’t a traditional power, we are the cool upstart #twitter6 – @ZSoskin

@Real_CSmith new kids on the block, everyone likes a winner, sexy attitude with fast play and flashy uni’s=recipe for popularity ‪#twitter6 – @IanNeedham

@sshayegh the brushman shaving brushes stood out to me as pretty creative – @AaronWilliamso8

Oregon has definitely been identified as THE national brand ‪#mktg420tr

Excellent customer service can really have a huge impact on your brand ‪#Mktg420tr

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