How to Leverage an Event Sponsorship

By Qi Wu

Twitter @KikiWuqi

UntitledFinding ways to leverage the sponsorship is especially critical. Any collateral communication or activity reinforc- ing the link between a brand and an event is referred to as leveraging or activating a sponsorship. Events can be leveraged as ways to entertain important clients, recruit new cus- tomers, motivate the firm’s salespeople, and generally enhance employee morale. Events provide unique opportunities for face-to-face contact with key customers. Here is an example of “SAMSUNG activation”

From the SAMSUNG activation @ Sensation white, we can find a guideline for successful Event Sponsorship:

1. Match the brand to the event. From the video, we find there were some logo flag on Arena Deck at the beginning of the video. People who was invited to this event must wear in white, we can find the automopher is totally match the brand.

2. Tightly define the target audience. The audience of Samsung Mobile is very clear, people who like high tech, fashion are the key audience.

3. Deliver exclusivity. The target audience wants to know that this event is special. So Samsung Mobile use photo wall to show there audience that this event is special.

4. Stick to a few key messages. Stick to a few key messages and repeat them often. Develop a plot line. An event is most effective when it is like great theater or a great novel. Samsung Mobile use bluethooth to connect audience with event. And also provide SAMSUNG Mobil commercial on bar screens, expect that they also setup the Samsung Mobile Lounge to let the audience to chec out the newest Samsung Phones. The last one is Sumsung integration in show.

5. Use the Internet. The Internet is a great way to promote the event, maintain continuous communication with the target audience, and follow up with the audience after an event.

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