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Talk is cheap in the brand building industry.  Respectful, Reliable, and Honest people are those that have a positive personal brand these days. It’s easy to like people that show up to work, do their job, and say very little.  If you have a coworker that fits the description above, they too have a good brand image.  The chances of upper management having to discipline that particular coworker are low.  To be successful in the business world, you must build a positive personal brand for yourself.  You build it on your actions.

Even though you cannot control the opinions other people have of you; you are the only one who can affect your brand image.  In the case that you are to appear in public and you want to make a statement that is noncontroversial, follow my PRS model:

1)    Positive
2)    RelevantUntitled
3)    Serious

Celebrity-Athletes Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, and Phil Mickelson have all learned how to use the media as a springboard to project a positive light on their personal brands.  When you hear quotes from these gentlemen after their particular sporting events, their comments are sincere and educated.  They show respect to their opponents and the journalists that interview them.  These three show no signs of immaturity, arrogance, or selfishness when being interviewed.  They each have multiple endorsements and are loved by their sports fan base, all because of a positive brand image.

One example of following the PRS model is when Peyton Manning was asked to comment on Johnny Manziel leaving the Manning Passing Academy early.  He stated:

“”I enjoyed meeting Johnny,” said Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning  “I can remember a 20-year-old Eli [Manning] missing a meeting [at camp] and catching some flak. We always have counselors who leave early. Johnny was great with the campers for the time he was here. He had to leave early. I wish him the best and I want him to come back as a counselor next year.”

This is textbook PRS public speaking.  Peyton Manning used the media to project a positive light on a usually negative subject.

To have a positive brand image, I believe one lets their actions do the talking.  Think before you act.  Be careful when you are in the public eye.  Keep your actions and comments Positive, Relevant, and Serious.  Keep your glass half full.  You will be on a road to success in no time.

Try to avoid a google search with pictures like these linked to your name
(Johnny Manziel google image search)



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