Group 1 Twitter Conversation Summary

Group members: Jitao Wu, Xiaolong Chen, Yang Yu, Qi Wu

On Tuesday July 30th, our group conducted a Twitter conversation about “Event Sponsorship” which is the topic of our presentation, for class. To prepare for this presentation, we have done a lot of research on how companies sponsor different events, how much money they need to spend, and what benefits the event will bring to the companies. We get a lot of really solid data and statistics to back up our point. To us, the event sponsorship is truely a interesting topic because we all have some sort of experience to it. It it good to see that our classmates really provide many good ideas to access the benefits of event sponsorships and I think that in real world, some of them are used by many companies.

Guest Speaker:

Craig Pintens who is the guest speaker came to our class shared about “How the University of Oregon Athletic Department Uses Social Media”. Craig Pintens serves as the Senior Associate Athletic Director/Marketing & Public Relations at the University of Oregon. He has capitalized on the social media boom of the past few years by diving headfirst into the Twitter and Facebook scene. According to the athletic department, the Oregon Ducks Facebook page ranks seventh in “likes” of all NCAA team pages, and the department’s webpage has seen an average increase of traffic of 89 percent per year since 2008. Their current project is the Quack Cave, a social media command center decked out for the digital age and located at the west end of Autzen Stadium. Designed by students, for students, the Quack Cave will serve as the watchdog program of all social media surrounding the Oregon Ducks.

Here is an outline of the speech:

  • The National Brand

    • Quest to become the national brand

      • Michigan was the national brand

      • Flrida Stare had a chance

  • Communications

    • Branading -Who are we?& How do we accomplish our goals?

    • Telling Stories

    • Customer Service

  • Campus

    • From porch cliche

    • Curb Appeal

    • Speed Limit

  • Social Media Philosophy

    • How do you staff ?


  • NationalBrand = PersonalBrand

    • the case of Will Hill

    • YourBrand=Your School’s brand

In order to provide a deeper insight into what he was talking about, Pintens talked to the class about how University of Oregon Athletic Department Uses Social Media, he provided sevral examples. the first example is “Chip Kelly Departure”, Not long after Kelly was introduced as the Philadelphia Eagles’ new head coach on Thursday, multiple outlets reported that defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro will join Kelly in the same position with the Eagles. The second example is “Social media corrections”, and also the case of Will HILL. Finally He answered some well thought out questions by the students before class was dismissed.  Overall it was a great class, with a great guest speaker, who led a great discussion.


The thing we have learnt from our classmates’ tweets is that there are many possible ways to evaluate the result of the sponsorship. It is really upto the company to decide which one they choose based on their objectives. This is just another way of saying that event sponsorships does exist in various forms. However, it is a very important market that many companies are heatedly compete with each other to be the exclusive sponsor in many events. Also, this market seems to grow constantly.

From the guest speaker Craig Pintens, we have learnt how the social media could help a business to manage their brand and information. Quack Cave is truely a great thing to have here at UO because of the college tradition and spirit. From the presentation, we have learnt the changes that social media has brought to the Ducks. This is a completely new way of managing information flow and connecting with the fans from university’s perspective. He has also talked about the things that need to do and do not do on social medias through couple examples which our group has found very helpful. In conclusion, social media is the trend for college to release information, controll information, showcase the barnd and connect with the fans.

As all this took place, the class did an excellent job of tweeting along with guest speaker and our discussion topics.  Here is a look of what was covered on Twitter:

kiki ‏‪@KikiWuqi

What is a successful event sponsorship?check out this video Sensation South Africa, presented by Samsung: ‪  ‪#mktg420tr

Yang Yu ‏‪@Will_YangYu

‪#MKTG420TR Which brand and event do u think is heavily tied to each other? Please share your thoughts using ‪#group1

Orzlol ‏‪@JackOrzlol

‪#mktg420tr ‪#group1 hey guys, we are group 1 and we r gonna do the presentation about event sponsorship check this out ‪ …

 Reese Jones ‏‪@ReeseAJones

I’m not sure what is going on in this video, but it’s kinda cool ‪#mktg420tr

 Chengqi Yang ‏‪@ycq321

Nice presentation by group 1, BTW, the video is pretty cool ‪#mktg420tr

 Reese Jones ‏‪@ReeseAJones

With fewer people watching the Olympics on primetime, I wonder if sponsorships will decline ‪#mktg420tr

 Hao He ‏‪@HaoHhe

‪#MKGT420TR Adidas sponsored $106 million to Olympic games, and I am wondering how much Nike sponsored?

 kiki ‏‪@KikiWuqi

‪@HaoHhe Adidas had the exclusive right as sponsor of the London Olympics in terms of Sporting Goods. Nike cant sponsor Olympics for this

Hailey Keating ‏‪@HailzKeats

If Adidas spent that much Sponsoring the Olympics I wonder how much Visa spent ‪#mktg420tr

Reese Jones ‏‪@ReeseAJones

Demographics of viewers is another way ‪#group1 ‪#mktg420tr

 Jen Edwards ‏‪@UO_JenE

I wonder if Samsung’s sponsorship of Sensation includes free tickets…I would give up my iPhone for a month to go to that! ‪#mktg430tr

 xiaolong ‏‪@vsvm369

Are there any other ways to evaluate the result of sponsorship?‪#group1 ‪#mktg420tr ‪ …

 xiaolong ‏‪@vsvm369

‪@HailzKeats maybe less, cause Adidas exist everywhere


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